Monday, 13 September 2010

New Article on Jimhi

I've wrote a small article on my site, about the architecture and motivation behind my site.
More of a meta-article really.

It is pretty short, simple, and written at 2am.



Friday, 30 July 2010

Cyber Security Challenge

Now that the solution has been released, here is my workings.

Awful, but effective.


Thursday, 15 July 2010


Hey people,

I have made a simple gtk based battery monitor, with a more detailed post found on my own blog here.

Anyone has any projects they wish to write about on here, email one of the exec, and authorness shall be bestowed.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Welcome and stuffs


Hello there and welcome to the Lancaster Computing Society blog.

The overall aim of this blog was to give the society's members a place to share their ideas, projects and diatribes. If you wish to contribute to this blog, just send an email to the exec at the usual address.

So, in the spirit of the new blog, I am going to discuss my latest project which isn't to do with my work.


My main project to fill my spare time has been a dynamic content based website, where I can create pages in a hierarchical folder structure.

The site has a back end built in Ruby that indexes the content pages, applies necessary styles, javascript, and then renders the wanted page to the user. A navigation bar at the top of the site is created automatically depending on your position within the content directory, with links to parent pages, siblings, and children.

The majority of the functionality is there, the site is just rather spartan when it comes to content, is styled similar to a granite slab, and follows no HCI concepts.

Have a look at


A project which is mostly finished, and was intended for the ever postponed encryption talk.

JEnigma is a program which emulates an Enigma machine, except for the exact rotor links, and allows you to set your own rotors which are generated based upon a given random seed. The back end of the program, the engine, is near bug free and works to the given spec. The front end of the program, the GUI, needs quite a bit of work which I shall get around to doing once free time rears its head once more. I intend to write up an article about its workings, and fill in a proper project entry on my site for it.

At the moment the only article and project page up on my site is my WeakPlasmoid generator.


Once more I would like to give an informal "Call for projects and articles". Especially for the final year students who are leaving, a short article about your FYP would leave a lasting tribute to the work you have done, and any extra exposure of your efforts will only help you. Remember, in the cutthroat business of Computing, reputation is everything.

I mean it's not like charting the accountancy, but it is pretty close.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

General info

This blog is for the members of Computing Society of the Lancaster University,
In this blog you may publish, your or someone else's interesting ideas connected with everything you may find interesting.
Login: Name of our uni
Password: Name of our department building
After you login feel free to post everything you find interesting !!!